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Salutare, bine ati venit pe blogul lui Tata! Sa stiti ca aici nu o sa gasiti desene, v-am avertizat!

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Filipac/cnp – Validarea unui CNP in Php

Am facut un nou pachet de PHP pentru Composer pentru validarea unui Cnp. Este mic, dar l-am creeat pentru ca asa ceva nu exista pe Composer si am vrut sa fac asta dupa ultimile standarde (testing, CI, composer). Cum instalez pachetul? composer require filipac/cnp ~1.0 Cum folosesc acest pachet? Clasa Cnp are 2 metode publice...
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MyComposer: IP

Since I discovered Composer for PHP the whole way of how I write code has changed. I try to use Composer as much as I can. And I always wanted to have my own packages. The first one I will present you now is filipac/ip. In a few projects that  I work on often I...