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MyComposer: IP

Since I discovered Composer for PHP the whole way of how I write code has changed. I try to use Composer as much as I can. And I always wanted to have my own packages. The first one I will present you now is filipac/ip. In a few projects that  I work on often I need to get the visitor’s IP address. So I decided to make a Composer package to help me in all my projects and to help the PHP community.

How to install filipac/ip?

If you already use Composer in your project add the following code in composer.json, if not create a file called composer.json and add the following code:

After that run composer update command. I assume you already know how to use Composer, if not read here a quick start.

After that in your script you can get the visitor’s ip like that:

I hope this helps you and this plugin is useful. If you want to improve it, fork the Github project, make changes, commit and create a merge request.

Thank you.


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  1. Bun și pack ăsta! Bravo.

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