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English Day

From now on, every post that i am going to publish on every Tuesday, will be written in English. I call this day “English Day” from now on. I hope that this is an original idea, i haven’t checked if someone also has this kind of day.

This idea came to me as i was standing in the city, today. I don’t know how, but somehow the city inspires me sometimes. Not to say that i am a student in the ninth grade in a bilingual class and i must practise everyday not only on Tuesdays. I hope that this is ok with you and you will let me write those posts in English. Also, if you find any mistakes in my english like spelling or grammar mistakes, please let me know by posting a comment on the post where you find the mistake.

This time next week i will be writing more posts in English but today i am tired and i’m not in the mood to write anything further. Till the next post(i think it will be tomorow in Romanian), goodbye :-h.

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  1. Beta spune:

    Well, I really like this article. Good job!

    (incerc si eu sa ma englezesc putin :p )

    <abbr>Ultima postare de pe blogul lui Beta este Mai are rost sa zic ceva?</abbr>

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