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A few updates

I finally managed to install WLW(Windows Live Writer), and i really started to like it.

Tomorrow i will have this semestera€™s paper(thesis) at history. I already had the other three ones, but the one at history is by far the hardest one. We had many lessons to learn.

As i have already told you, i want an Nokia E51 telephone, so i am selling my Sony Ericsson k800 in order to have many to buy E51.

I cana€™t wait for Friday to come. Why? Because ita€™s the last day of school in this year. I am also waiting for Christmas, but most of all, i am missing snow :(. I dona€™t know if we are going to have some snow this year or the next one, al we have to do is to hope.

Leta€™s not forget about Prison Break. I saw todaya€™s episode and i really liked it. Tomorow if i have time, i am going to see the last episode of Heroes.

Also, i subscribed to a few foreign blogs, and now i always have something new in Google Reader.

I am ending this post now because tomorrow i have to be prepared and fresh. Good night everyone.

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